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Where do you import vehicles from?
Our focus is currently on Europe and South America.

Do your vehicles come with valid titles?
Yes! All our vehicles are sold with clear Virginia titles. They also convey with U.S. Customs Releases.

What vehicles are eligible for import to the U.S?
Almost any vehicle that is 25 years old or older. The age is measured starting at the month the vehicle was manufactured.

Iā€™m considering importing a vehicle myself. What are the advantages of using Commonwealth Classics?
Our vehicles are located in Marshall, Virginia, and convey with clear Virginia titles. Our vehicles are inspected upon arrival, with any mechanical or aesthetic problems encountered during transit resolved prior to advertising.


What if I want to test-drive the vehicle before purchase?
We welcome and encourage it. Please visit the dealership at 8382 W Main St, in Marshall, VA. Contact us in advance to coordinate if you'll be flying in. The closest commercial airport is Washington Dulles International (IAD) and we recommend Warrenton-Fauquier Airport (HWY) for those flying themselves in. 

How do I buy?
You can complete the transaction in person or virtually. As a duly-registered Virginia auto dealership, we'll need your signature on the buyers order and buyers guide. This can be completed or via email or in person. Payment via wire is preferred, but bank checks are also accepted. We regrettably do not accept personal checks or cash. Vehicles are available for release once payment clears, at which point the title is signed over and given (or sent via FedEx) to the buyer. 

What comes with an imported car, and when can I take delivery of the vehicle?
You get the vehicle, a valid VA title (fully transferable to all 50 states), and a copy of the customs release. You are responsible for supplying your own insurance. All cars listed on the site are available for same day pickup in Marshall,, VA. We do not post any of the cars we may have processing or in transit, only after each car is ready for immediate sale will they be posted on the site.

Is Commonwealth Classics a used car dealer?
Yes, we are licensed by the Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board to sell cars. We are also a bonded importer with U.S. Customs.

Are there extra fees or costs on top of the sales price listed for the cars on your website?
No, the prices listed are our out-the-door pricing. No additional fees on top of these prices exist.

Do these vehicles come with a warranty or return policy?
Unfortunately, due to the age and nature of the cars being imported there is no warranty or returns that apply. But upon potential purchase we invite your mechanic to fully inspect the vehicle to understand the actual condition both cosmetically and mechanically. We will however assess any post-purchase issues individually on a per-case basis to see if we can help resolve any problems.

Can you ship the vehicle to me?
Yes. We can fully arrange door to door shipping anywhere in the world at the buyers expense.


Further Questions?

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