1968 Citroen 2CV AZU

1968 Citroen 2CV AZU


Status: Sold to Stefan in Santa Monica, CA
Manufactured: France
Engine: 435 cm3 Boxer Twin  
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual  

A good meal is a beautiful thing. One of those salt-of-the-earth, you know what you’re eating, fills you up and lets you move on with the day meals. Sure, a sit-down dinner is all well and good, but I’m talking lunch. That’s right. We’re not starting this with the 2CV. We’re going to talk about a lamb sandwich. A pit-roasted lamb sandwich. And fries.

Derek and Amanda run The Whole Ox in Marshall VA. It’s a good old-fashioned full-service butcher shop. They specialize in whole, local foods sourced from their neighbors’ farms. Right on Main St., the quaint building belies what rests within. Counters full of the most delicious looking cuts of everything you’ve ever seen. Fresh breads, local wines, the works. But that lunch menu is a work of art unto itself. A rotating cast of delightfully crafted soups, sandwiches, and you-name-its that throw a few flavors right down the middle like a no-holds-bar fastball, and then follow up with a few choice curves that leave you walking away from the plate shaking your head, thinking, ‘man, they got me again.’

We liked the idea of throwing our 1968 Citroen 2CV AZU in front of the shop to snap some photos for the site. Ours is the Fourgonnette, or van-bodied version of the 2CV. For those not familiar, the 2CV was a simple, low-cost mode of transport first developed in the 1940’s, intended to get the French people on the road and out of their horse-drawn carts. The air-cooled twin-cylinder boxer engine was easy to access and easy to service, helping make the possibility of auto ownership a reality for people across France. The Fourgonnette took that dream a step further by offering just a little more cargo capacity. For farmers, a whole ox might not fit in the back, but we’ve heard a pair of sheep might not have been out of the question.

By the late 1960’s, the 2CV’s motor had been radically enlarged from an abysmal 425 cm3 to a monstrous 435 cm3, and was now hammering out a respectable 21hp. The transmission rested so far forward of the passenger compartment that a unique push-me, pull-you shift pattern was designed to move the car through it’s gears.

Driveline: Our little AZU is remarkably intact and very original. Recent work includes a full tune-up, with plugs, wires, coil, fluids, and a restored fuel bank. The yellow headlights cast enough light to stay in front of the 2CV. The engine starts easily, requiring only a little choke when cold. The car works it’s way through the gears without issue.

Exterior: The Jade Green paint presents well, with straight body panels all around. The corrugated van body is square and complete. Flip-up driver and passenger windows work great, while the rest of the vehicles glass is intact, sporting various stickers from its past lives. The vehicle has some rust in the rear crossmember and the passenger footwell. Doors shut and latch firmly.

Interior: The linear blue pattern is consistent across both driver, passenger, and the rear bench seats. All seats are removable, enabling you to live the dream of a classic French picnic in the park. The battery life indicator works, as do signals, headlights, and the horn. All it needs now is you. And perhaps a pair of sheep.

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