1975 Land Rover 109 Santana

1975 Land Rover 109 Santana


Status: Sold to Brian P. of Marietta, GA
Manufactured: Spain
Imported: A Coruña, Spain
Engine: 2.25L 4-Cylinder Diesel
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual with High/Low Transfer Case

“Look,” I said, “It still has the original hubcaps and such. It was kept in the same family all its life, and-…” He (who shall not be named) cut me off: “Yes, but it’s a little dorky.”

“No,” I tried to explain, “it’s original. Not abused. That stuff rarely sticks around 40+ years.  It’s a good sign.”

“Sure. It’s still dorky.”

This 1975 Land Rover 109 Santana came to us from Marcos in A Coruña, Spain. His family bought the truck new way-back-when, and it’s stayed with them for the subsequent 43 years. They didn’t do much to it either. Sure, they used it, but unlike the bevy of other trucks on the market, they’d left well enough alone with respect to the original equipment fitted at the factory back in the 1970s. You see, Santana has a bad rap. “They’re not Land Rovers!” you’ll hear. And that’s not exactly right. For years they were knock-down kits coming out of the UK, and aside from some Santana logos on the gauges, the early trucks, through the late 1970’s and very early 1980’s, were typically part-for-part clones of their UK-constructed brethren.

But Santana did do some aesthetic touches throughout the years. And - they offered different trim levels. That’s right. A luxury Land Rover. Like a champagne cooler in a John Deere, these Land Rovers had some extra touches so the other farmers would know you’ve made it big this season. One of those were hubcaps. Big pie-plate-like hubcaps. For good reason, you don’t see they much anymore. The rigors of using a truck in the field quickly beat them up, and the (very) 1970’s design just didn’t age that well.

But this 1975 still had them. In fact, it had the original upholstery throughout, the original door cards, the original headliner, and the original paint. It has it’s share of dings and scrapes, but it is otherwise a neat little time capsule. We finally caved and un-dork-ified it by fitting some meaty tires, sending the hubcaps to the big junkyard in the sky, and giving her a few other modern touches to strike the right balance of old and new. We hope you’ll like it too.

Driveline. Truck has the original 2.25L 4-cylinder diesel with 4-speed manual transmission and high-low transfer case. Truck drives and shifts well, with a little smoke upon startup. This drivetrain configuration is rated for about 45mph.

Exterior. We’ll need a name for this color. Let’s run with “Dijon Yellow.” The paint appears to be original and is in good shape despite it’s age. It obviously has some patina due to it’s age, but the patina is consistent across the truck. There are a few dents and scratches, the most notable being one on the drivers-front fender. The Dijon Yellow is offset with the white roof and wheels. Tires are new. A fifth spare wheel does convey with the truck.

Interior. Currently configured to seat six, with three in the front, and three in the rear. There are no jump-seats installed, instead a cage separates the passenger and cargo compartments. Great for dogs or gear. The black vinyl seats are in good condition, the fronts having been recently replaced.  

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