1979 Land Rover 88 Santana

1979 Land Rover 88 Santana


Status: Sold to Malcolm B., Gaylordsville, CT
Manufactured: Linares, Spain
Imported: Seville, Spain
Engine: 2.25L 4-Cylinder Diesel  
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual with Overdrive

Malcolm’s place in Connecticut needed a Land Rover. No question there. The steep approach required the Discovery to pop into low range to get the Series III-laden trailer up the mountain’s rocky and somewhat deteriorated road. Tucked in the woods at the top, their house looked perfectly at home; the tall trees towering over the roof and casting a cool shade in the blistering July heat. The gem though, was the old Barn. It’s not the oldest barn. It’s not the biggest barn. It’s not even the only barn on that mountain, I’m sure. But dressed in a fresh coat of gray paint, the circa-1950’s barn anchored the property. It has been the focus of his restoration efforts this year, transforming the old barn into a garage and an apartment; an awesome loft hidden inside an unassuming barn.

Land Rovers were something he’d seen on a trip to Belgium and immediately decided he needed. He must have known that barn would be the perfect home for an old Series. He enlisted our help to find the right truck. The result was this 1979 Land Rover 88 Santana; a beautifully restored Series-III sporting the original 2.25L four-cylinder diesel mated to a four-speed with an overdrive. The bronze green paint sat under an off-white roof. The final touch was Malcolm’s own, however: The blacked-out wheels and big BF Goodrich tires would help with the grip he’d need to get up the mountain.

A green Discovery towing a green Series-III is a unique sight on I-95, but there were two distinct types of greetings we got from other drivers: The first was typical: The smile, thumbs up, and a casual wave as the two trucks separated by 25 years ambled their way up the slow lane on the interstate, providing welcome relief from the endless sea of sedans and SUVs. The second though, was less common: The car would fly up on our left side, as the driver or passenger waved in earnest, pointing at the Land Rover and snap a picture. I had a hard time differentiating these two at first, until one passenger made it clear. Holding up their own phone, you could clearly see them beaming with pride as they showed a photo of their own Series Land Rover.

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Driveline: 2.25L Rover 4-cylinder diesel, married to a four-speed manual transmission and overdrive. High-low transfer case, and Warn locking front hubs. Overdrive helps propel the truck north of 55mph on flat surfaces with the diesel powerplant.

Exterior: The truck is finished in Bronze green paint under a white roof with blacked out wheels and BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A tires. With a matching black grill, the only sign of this truck sliding through the woods would be the thin white roof winding it’s way through the trees.

Interior: Very original and complete, the black vinyl seats support roof enough for seven. We helped install seatbelts to make sure everyone would be strapped down as the truck bounced along the country roads. Headliner and interior all intact. An awesome example of a Series-III ready to start it’s new adventure in New England.  

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