1979 Land Rover 88 Santana

1979 Land Rover 88 Santana


Status: Sold to Titia E. of Ontario, Canada
Manufactured: Linares, Spain
Imported: Granada, Spain
Engine: 2.25L 4-Cylinder Turbo Diesel
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual

After spending its life in and around Madrid, this Series-III made it back to Virginia on one of the coldest days of the year. Madrid gets cold, sure. The average low January temperature in Madrid is about 37 degrees; the record low was 18 (thank you, Wikipedia). However, Baltimore earlier in 2018 dipped a little lower than that. The weather service called it a Polar Vortex. I can attest that standing outside at the port the day this Series-III arrived, with the whipping off the river, it near as made no difference what you called it: It was awful. And the poor little Series-III was unprepared. The plummeting temperatures convinced one of the engine’s freeze plugs to release it’s decades old-grip on the block, and while the motor was safe, repairs were in order. New plugs, along with fluids and a starter meant the truck was ready for it’s life here in Virginia. But first, we had to photograph it.

A run around Marshall and The Plains last week here in Virginia shooting photos was fruitless. Hurried though I was, nothing was in frame or in focus. Or the light was too brilliant against the truck’s limestone paint. Let’s be clear: It was operator error. Nonetheless, I’d need to try again.

The Corn Maze in The Plains’ is the brainchild of the Knott family. Kate and Hub began planting and cutting their maze back in 2000. The Plains is a picturesque part of the Virginia countryside, and their Corn Maze has evolved into a stunning family-friendly destination to enjoy Virginia at its best. The corn maze itself is five acres, while the property boasts animals, produce, and activities for families to enjoy. But all of this takes place in the Fall, when the leaves turn and the sun is still warm enough to spend a day riding tractors and carving pumpkins.

This time of year the fields lie quiet; the work preparing the corn maze for the fall will soon begin as the Knott’s design their 18th maze and carefully plant so families can relish in not-quite knowing where they are. Centering this whole adventure is a beautiful old white barn. In the fall it houses a small market and is the center of activity for the farm. We thought it would be the perfect backdrop for our Series-III. The Knott family was kind enough to let us drive the property to showcase the little Landy. If you’re local (or even not-quite-local) we hope you’ll take some time this Fall to come check out their operation. It’s a ton of fun, well planned, and in a stunning part of the state.

Driveline. The Series-III has the 2.25L four-cylinder Rover diesel with a four-speed manual transmission. Freshly resealed, the truck has fresh fluids and a new starter motor. It starts easily when cold and makes good power. We’ve taken the truck up to about 53 mph, and while it wouldn’t want to cruise there for any length of time, knowing it has the capacity to surge when needed is good. Truck has both two and four-wheel drive, as well as a high-low transfer case. Truck is equipped with locking front hubs.

Exterior. The limestone paint is fresh (late 2017) and presents nicely. Some overspray is evident but minimal. The wheels match the body, to include the fifth hood-mounted spare. Chassis, bulkhead, and doors are rust-free. The body is free of dents and scratches. Limestone paint continues under the hood, though engine-bay paint was not resprayed recently with the truck.

Interior. Currently configured to seat seven, with three across the front and four rear-opposed jump seats. Black vinyl seats throughout, with three new seats across the front. Gauges and lights work. Fresh air vents under the windshield provide ventilation while on the move. Lights and turn signals are operable.

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