1987 Toyota BJ73 Land Cruiser

1987 Toyota BJ73 Land Cruiser


Status: Sold to Phillipe V of Nashville, TN
Manufactured: Aichi, Japan
Imported: Leon, Spain
Engine: 3.4L 3B Diesel    
Transmission: 5-speed manual
VIN: JT1VOBJ7309002849

*Bill note: Some of you may have already met Will Thomas, our in-house Toyota guru. If you’ve written us asking about a Land Cruiser recently, then you’ve met Will. This ’87 BJ73 was a sourced project; plucked from Spain specifically to meet a customer’s request. Something special you’re looking for? Feel free to email us at info@cwclassics.com. Will can be reached directly at will@cwclassics.com

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There are a few certainties in the world. Death. Taxes. Toyota Land Cruisers.

No matter what life throws at them, these rugged vehicles are always poised to say "Thank you, I'd like another," even when that means another deep creek crossing, muddy uphill, or craggy descent. Some consider the 70-series the most capable iteration of the utilitarian Land Cruisers. Originally developed as a modern re-imagining of the venerable 40-series, the 70s have been offered in a variety of configurations since their introduction in 1984.

From short, nimble 2 door SUVs to long, high-roofed troop carriers "troopies", there is a 70 for all - and they're everywhere. In fact, you're probably quite familiar with these trucks - albeit at a subliminal level. The job of the non-descript, wallflower of a truck cast in the background of just about every war movie that takes place overseas in the last two decades has been reserved for a 70. Why is that?

Simplicity. Reliability. Longevity. These were likely the concepts pinned to the pegboard on the wall in Toyota's design department offices while developing the 70 platform. After 35 years (or 32 in the case of our BJ73), those descriptors still hold true.

This 1987 BJ73 is powered by Toyota's legendary 3B engine. Its large 3.4 liter displacement briskly attempts to make up for it's lack of turbocharging - with the help of the reduced weight of a cylinder block housing only 4 cylinders, instead of 6 like the larger 2H and 1HZ cousins. Oh, and the color? Paint code 147: "Silver". Just Silver. Simplicity.

Looking further into the spec sheet, you find crank windows, the bulletproof H55F 5-speed manual transmission, leaf springs instead of coils (it is a heavy-duty model, after all), and a limited-slip rear differential installed in it's fully floating rear axle. Reliability.

Even after more than three decades of exploring the Spanish countryside, this mid-wheelbase (with removable fiberglass top) awakens quickly after a short pause for the glow plugs to heat and the turn of the key. Longevity.

From there, it's quintessentially a Toyota diesel. It's rough, it's loud, and it wants to warm up a bit before you go anywhere. The rattles and shakes subside, the idle calms down, and it drops effortlessly into gear. It doesn't feel like a diesel when driving around town. Other than a very low first gear, your other senses start to mistake the BJ73 for any other Toyota truck from the '80s or '90s until you roll up to a stop sign or red light and the unmistakable tractor-like soundtrack of the 3B ricochets off of the lifted Ford F-whatever that's next to you.

That's when it hits you. You're officially cooler than everyone else on the road.

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