1991 Land Rover, Range Rover Classic

1991 Land Rover, Range Rover Classic


Status: Sold to Bill & Kim of Bridgewater Corners, VT
Manufactured: Great Britain
Imported: Benavente, Portugal
Engine: 2.5L VM Turbo Diesel
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

Snickers Gap Christmas Tree Farm sits about 30 minutes north of our shop. There’s no main highway connecting the two points; instead it’s a few 2-lane roads and a trip down Blue Ridge Mountain Rd., a beautiful twisting ribbon of tarmac that climbs and falls as it follows the ridgeline up to Mt. Weather. The trek up the mountain in the dark this morning was unremarkable; the Range Rover Classic’s lights stretched around each turn, blinding the oncoming traffic making its way south to the interstate, and into the city. Oh, how nice it was, to be heading the other direction in a vintage Land Rover.

Steven Wolff and family have been sustainably growing trees an hour west of Washington DC for 38 years. Snickers Gap Christmas Tree Farm has over 36,000 trees in various stages of growth at any given time, each hand-shaped every year. The sprawling farm stretches up the side of a ridge, creating beautiful lines as row after row of Douglas Fir and Colorado Blue Spruce stretch out and away in every direction. Snickers Gap is a ‘choose and cut’ tree farm, where families can hike into the groves to find that perfect tree. When the Wolff’s throw on their complimentary hot spiced cider, it’s almost worth a trip to the farm just to admire the natural beauty of such an impressive operation. The bright red ’48 Ford F1 pickup greeting visitors upon arrival at the farm belongs to a long-time customer; it’s return to the farm each winter helps mark the holiday season.

This 1991 Land Rover, Range Rover Classic comes to us from Portugal. It’s a rare two-door (or three-door, depending on your math) Range Rover Classic with the 2.5L VM Turbo Diesel and a 5-speed transmission. Aside from comfortably winding the mountain ridge road, it also confidently crept into the tree farm, first down the gravel road to the barns, and then steadily up into the fields. With a light frost on the grass, the Range Rover Classic pressed onward and upward into the groves. The Ardennes Green paint fit right in amidst a sea of green. We caught ourselves admiring the view when we should have been working; the valley stretched out below, with faint plumes of morning smoke gently spiraling from chimneys in the distance.

In “Euro” spec, this truck is devoid of wood laminate trim pieces and the array of electronics that plagued some of the North American trucks. Simple is the word here. It has power windows, but the seats are manual, and fabric at that. The pre-warming system on the diesel works beautifully; the truck started and operated with ease despite the morning cold. The Rostyle steel wheels complete the truck’s look, lest there was any confusion among those passing by that this Range Rover Classic was special.

We left the farm, locking the gate behind us, and headed back to the shop.

Driveline. 2.5L VM 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel mated to 5-speed manual transmission with manual high-low transfer case. The Range Rover is full-time 4WD. Truck currently shows 131,212 miles (211,166 kilometers), and starts, drives, and shifts without issue.

Exterior. Ardennes Green paint over Rostyle steel wheels. Body and chassis are rust free. Body is largely in good condition, with a scratch on the passenger rear fender above the rear wheel arch. Rear vinyl is intact, and an aftermarket antenna has been installed over the driver’s rear taillight. Rear glass shows small amounts of rust at the bottom of the window frame. Rear bumper has black paint flecking off close to the tailgate. Truck retains its original Portuguese black plates.

Interior. Stock tan interior is intact and complete, to include the rear cargo area cover. Seats are in excellent condition, though the driver’s seat has small wear showing on the bolster (pictured). Radio is an older, aftermarket Pioneer unit (functions). Transfer case warning label has been replaced with a Portuguese version. Carpets are clean and intact, as are the door cards. Dash is in excellent condition. Power windows function, as do all lights, gauges, and wipers.

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