1991 Land Rover Defender 110

1991 Land Rover Defender 110


Coming Soon.

The time has come to part ways with our personal ‘91 Defender 110. We’ve had this truck in our collection for years, having purchased the truck in 2016, importing it in early 2017, and using it for excursions and work alike. We’ve made friends with this truck, broke bread with this truck, and even personally met Rafael, the original owner who had the truck in Spain for it’s first 24 years. It’s Arles Blue paint is instantly recognizable under the white roof and color-matched wheels. We’re working now to prepare this vehicle for sale.

4/6 Update

Based on the level of interest we’ve received, we’ve decided to send this truck to auction on www.BringaTrailer.com. Prior to listing it, we’re replacing the timing belt and clutch, as well as some other smaller trim items. While it’s ready to drive-away as-is, we want the next owner to rest comfortably knowing bigger maintenance items have been addressed. The timing belt and clutch will complement the rebuilt turbo, uprated intercooler, new injectors, and host of other maintenance performed over the past couple years.


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