1991 Land Rover Discovery

1991 Land Rover Discovery


Status: Sold to Sam in NC
Manufactured: Great Britain
Imported: Teruel, Spain
Engine: 200Tdi Turbo Diesel  
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

I bought this truck for three reasons: It was Windjammer Blue, had 125,000 miles, and it had an A/C compressor fitted. I’m trying something different with this one. We’ve recently been pushing our trucks up as we try and get better vehicles back. Which is great. Everybody loves pretty trucks. But that can alienate someone looking for a fun project, I think. It’s a guess, anyway. So here’s my experiment: A truck with the heart of a Defender, an overall very rust-free body, and the oh-so-rare two-door package, at a price-point for someone looking to have fun on a budget.

It is unrestored. It has been used as a trail truck in Spain; the skid plate and snorkel are dead giveaways. We reupholstered it here in Virginia and swapped out the wheels and tires. It runs and drives, but the next owner will need to decide whether it’s a weekend toy or a project to restore. Or both. Why not.

My hope is this will scratch someone’s itch. A Rover guy-or-gal looking for something unique that they can still hammer as hard as they want.

Driveline. Truck is a factory 200Tdi turbo diesel with a 5-speed manual transmission. Truck starts easily and drives well, though the clutch may be starting to slip. Transfer case and center differential lock both engage and the truck drives well through both high and low range. Lights, gauges, horn, and signals all work. The truck currently shows 125,705 miles.  

Exterior. Truck is finished in Windjammer Blue. Body shows dents and scratches; a crack is present on the hood. Frame and body appear dry, though some oxidization is evident where the seat bolts to the floor. It has not carried through. Truck has a front skid plate installed. The truck wears five new 16” white wolf-style wheels and new Falken Wildpeak tires. Trim pieces show signs of wear; fading and some cracking. The truck has a snorkel fitted.

Interior. Truck seats seven with the rear opposed facing jump seats. All seats were recently refinished in tweed; to include the tool pouch on the rear of the back seat. The truck has an A/C compressor fitted, but I was unable to detect cold air coming from the dash. The interior needs reconditioning, showing signs of old equipment screwed into the dash, and some cracks and stains in the center console and door cards.

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