1991 Land Rover, Range Rover Classic

1991 Land Rover, Range Rover Classic


Status: Sold to Michelle in Portland, OR
Manufactured: Great Britain
Imported: Benavente, Portugal
Engine: 2.5L VM Turbo Diesel
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

Apparat’s “Walls” is one of my favorite early morning driving albums. The first track, “Not a Number,” conjures up images of a modern-day Rendezvous; a sleek vehicle sliding out of a dark garage pre-dawn and lighting up the empty streets of D.C. It was a fitting soundtrack this morning then as the Range Rover Classic pulled out of the quiet shop into the night’s dying darkness and started edging its way into the mountains. The tension and nervous excitement in “Not a Number” gives way to a confident cockiness as “Hailin from the Edge” takes over; the gearbox working feverously as the Range Rover Classic wound around switchbacks - climbing, climbing, climbing.

Useless Information” was up next. I was close to Snowy Own Farm but couldn’t find it. The song’s apprehensive uncertainty was fitting as the sun’s morning light began to shine over the hood of the Range Rover; I was losing time. “Limelight” clicked on with its steely-eyed resolve as I saw Snowy Owl Farm’s lights from the main road; dozens upon dozens of spotlights illuminating fence posts, trees, wonderful brick, warm wood, and a frozen over pond. This was it. I turned in; the gravel lane is an approach, not a road. I’m now very aware of the difference.

Holdon” has a methodical purposefulness to it. I got the truck situated on the main road, started bolting on lenses, and began to walk around exploring this 1991 Range Rover Classic. Another 2.5L VM Turbo Diesel model mated to a 5-speed, this one came to us from Portugal as well. Finished in Ardennes Green it disappears in the early-dawn shots; dark against dark. The lights of headlights and taillights framing the classic Land Rover as reference points. I started clicking away. The property was quiet; I was alone. A thick frost still covered the grass; a canoe frozen in the pond. Tranquil. Until…

What the $#%& was that?

Alpacas. I knew Snowy Own Farm was a weekend retreat, and that Beth and Randy Russell kept alpacas on the property. And yet, with all the morning excitement, I forgot about them entirely. Until I heard my first alpaca cry. Once I climbed down from the tree I had leapt into, I swung around and saw four alpacas staring right at me; I had unknowingly driven right past them in the dark. The rumble of the Range Rover’s diesel was as foreign to them as their bleating was to me. It was a stare-down, as “Fractales” continued playing in the background, it’s energy building before settling down into a relaxed, understood sense of calm.

We came to learn about Snowy Own Farm through Greenspur, a Falls Church VA-based design/build firm who helped the Russel’s renovate their 1730’s property, including the stunning wood-and-stone main house, and the inspiring barn adjacent to it. The clincher to get us out there was the silo Greenspur added next to the barn; a shining stainless-steel tower housing four stories of man-cave. I’d encourage you to take a look at the structure in all it’s glory on Greenspur’s website. For us, this blend of new and old was the perfect backdrop for this 1991 Range Rover Classic. The three-spoke alloy wheels offered by Land Rover brought the Range Rover Classic into the 1990’s. With the exterior styling seeing minor updates since its introduction in the 1970’s, the truck can still feel like a product of decades-past when the steel Rostyle wheels are bolted on. But these three-spoke wheels pull it forward, no doubt a welcome aesthetic change in the ‘90s when the older styling probably began to feel dated.

I left there with my ego about 1,000x bigger than it was when I arrived. Why? I am the most interesting thing in the planet to an alpaca. To all alpacas, it would seem. There are dozens of them on the property. Where I went, their eyes followed. “Over and Over” played quietly as the truck fired up one last time and made its way past my four-legged audience. Until next time, my friends.

Driveline. 2.5L VM 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel mated to 5-speed manual transmission with manual high-low transfer case. The Range Rover is full-time 4WD. Truck currently shows 121,788 miles (196,311 kilometers), and starts, drives, and shifts without issue. Tires are not new, but have life left on their semi-aggressive all-terrain tread pattern.

Exterior. Ardennes Green paint over tri-spoke alloy wheels. Body is rust free, though with small dents and scratches commensurate with age. Exterior badging is complete, and the rear C-pillar vinyl is intact. Light guards cover the rear taillights, while all bumpers and trim pieces on the exterior are complete and present. Truck retains its original Portuguese black plates.

Interior. Stock tan interior is largely complete and intact. Truck does have air conditioning. Seats are in good condition, though a trim piece on the driver’s bolster is missing which shields the lever for leaning the seat forward to access the rear bench. Shift knob is not original, nor is the radio (non-op). Dash and console are intact. Truck has electric windows and side-view mirrors.

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