1992 Toyota HZJ73 Land Cruiser

1992 Toyota HZJ73 Land Cruiser


Status: Sold to Adam F. of Springville, UT
Manufactured: Japan
Imported: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Engine: 1HZ 4.2L 6-Cylinder NA Diesel
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
VIN: JT1V2HJ7308000737

Fact: Opening the doors to a shipping container loaded with classic vehicles never gets old.

No matter how many times you bring out the bolt cutters, clip the container seal, and swing open the giant doors, the sight of light falling on the bumpers of yet another classic is still awesome. When light hit the 1992 Toyota HZJ73 Land Cruiser, it was obvious we had something special. Coming from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, this big old Cruiser had just over 101k miles on the mighty 1HZ diesel motor. The bones were fantastic; rust free, clean, and mechanically strong. But it needed a few extra touches to help it realize it’s true potential. So, we got to work.

The HZJ73 is the medium wheelbase 70-Series Land Cruiser. It’s a version of the iconic Land Cruiser we never saw in the United States, though it’s popularity and reputation are well known around the globe. The 1HZ diesel is a massive 4.2 liter, naturally aspirated inline 6-cylinder diesel. Mated to the H55F five-speed manual transmission, it feels as though it’ll climb a vertical surface without breaking a sweat. The 1HZ was used in two platforms: The Land Cruiser and the Coaster Bus.

Yes: Bus.

Toyota saw fit to put this diesel in an 11,000-pound bus and a 4,200-pound Land Cruiser. Delivery of the 210lft of torque comes low at 2,200 rpm, helping the mighty HZJ73 crawl its way up just about anything. (Editors note: We put this to the test. It’s surreal). With front locking hubs and a high-low transfer case, the truck feels unstoppable.

Our work on the cruiser focused on making it look right on the outside and the inside. The front and rear seats were reupholstered in a vinyl and tweed blend; it is spartan yet deliberate, like the truck itself. The other big addition was the five Stealth Custom Series F5 wheels clad in Yokohama Geolander MT G003 tires. The gunmetal rims offset the deep blue truck beautifully.

Setting off on a quiet morning to photograph the truck, I slipped back into a light industrial area to find some dirt and gravel. The Sheriff’s Deputy was parked on the side of the road and watched the blue rig roll by. Sunglasses came down off the bridge of his nose as we passed, straining to get a better look at the foreigner in town. I returned a light wave and a nod of my Persol-clad head, realizing in that moment that sunglasses and a mean-old-Land Cruiser were a pretty damn good look on me.

Driveline. 4.2L 1HZ inline 6-cylinder NA diesel mated to H55F 5-speed manual transmission with high-low transfer case and manual front locking hubs. 24V electrical system. Truck sparks to life instantly and pulls well through all five gears. Truck has 101,906 miles on the engine. Comfortable cruising speeds are around 65/70mph.

Exterior. The marine blue paint sits under the white, removable fiberglass roof. Factory roll bars underneath protect occupants while running topless, and the front windshield folds down flat against the hood. Paint is recent, presents well, and is complete, continuing through the engine bay and around door jambs. 5 new Stealth Custom Series F5 wheels are covered in Yokohama Geolander MT G003 tires. Black front and rear bumpers do well to give the truck a more aggressive look, while chrome door handles and side runners add the right amount of ‘bling.’ Truck is beautifully rust free.

Interior. Freshly recovered seats hold five. Upholstery was done with a vinyl and tweed combination, pulling the seats and door cards together. Truck has manual windows. Rear (passenger) side windows slide to open. Interior is complete and clean; an uncomplicated look focused more on functionality than unnecessary tech. Truck does not have air conditioning. Gauges and lights work without issue.

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