1993 Land Rover, Range Rover Classic

1993 Land Rover, Range Rover Classic


Status: Sold
Manufactured: Great Britain
Imported: Valencia, Spain
Engine: 200Tdi Turbo Diesel
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

Heading to our showroom from Washington D.C., I-66 parallels a railroad line. It snakes along the south side of the highway at first before crossing to the north and back south once again. It’s a ribbon of rail heading westward to link up with Norfolk Southern’s Crescent Corridor; a multi-billion dollar long-term effort to string rails that connect central New York to Memphis and New Orleans in the South. But you didn’t come here for a narrative about railroads. This needs to connect to this Range Rover somehow. Watch this:

Early on a Saturday morning I pulled the Range Rover onto Harrison Rd. in The Plains, Virginia, named after its original resident, Mr. Fairfax Harrison. Reach into your mind and conjure up images of the heyday of the industrial revolution. When words like ‘tycoon’ and ‘baron’ were in vogue. Mr. Harrison was born in 1869 and rose through the ranks to become the President of the Southern Railway Company by 1896; this same railroad we now know as Norfolk Southern. Into the early 1900’s, he was instrumental in expanding the amount of rail Southern had under their belts dramatically. Mr. Harrison chose Virginia to be his home, and oh what a home it was. His 800+ acre estate contains a stately main home along with numerous barns, greenhouses, cottages, and stables. And rumor has it there’s a little sidetrack coming off that railroad line on I-66 so Mr. Harrison could get his personal rail car nearer to the house. It is, by all accounts, impressive.

Today the estate has changed hands, but it’s no less impressive. It’s maintained by a passionate team of caretakers while farmers use the grounds to raise some of the finest beef in the region. On the grounds in the morning with the Range Rover, I was stopped first by Mr. Martin while around the back of the house. With his two sheep dogs in the back of his Subaru and the Range Rover quietly idling nearby, we chatted about - what else? - Cars. Remembering his old 427 Corvette brought a spark to his eye. Impressive again. Don’t judge a man’s garage by the number of sheepdogs in his Subaru.

This Range Rover is a rare bird indeed, not only is it one of the two-door variants never sold on our shores, but it’s a factory 200Tdi truck as well. The upgraded injection system on the engine marked a new era for Land Rover’s diesels in the early 1990’s. The truck slid around the estate all morning, a stranger in a home run by warm, caring people. Robert the groundskeeper greeted us early and was kind enough to stand by the Range Rover for a photo. He wouldn’t lean on it for fear he’d dirty the hood.

This truck came from the city of Valencia, Spain. We bought it from the Son of the original owner. Dad had bought the truck new and used it sparingly throughout it’s life to get into the mountains or the countryside. He rarely drove in town, the son said. Hated the traffic and the narrow streets. It shows. In 25 years he only put 87,000 miles on the rig. The five-speed shifts beautifully and the interior looks fantastic. For us, this is a fitting tribute to list on Father’s Day.

My final greeting and goodbye were from a pair of horses on the property. They investigated the Range Rover with the correct degree of suspicion. Despite how well it blended into it’s stately surroundings, I suspect they could tell it wasn’t from around these parts. We pulled back onto Mr. Harrison’s road and headed back home.

Driveline. 200Tdi four-cylinder turbo diesel mated to a five-speed transmission with high/low transfer case. Truck shows 140,861 kilometers, or just 87,526 miles. Truck starts easily and pulls strong without excessive smoke throughout the rev range. Transmission shifts smoothly and the truck makes full power. High / low transfer case engages and functions properly. The vehicle’s drivetrain is original and unmodified.

Exterior. The Ardennes Green paint is original and shows some signs of age, with minor dents and scrapes around. It does present nicely, however, and the exterior trim pieces around the bumpers and exterior are all present. The truck is devoid of rust; frame, panels, rockers, floors, are all straight and clean. Vehicle retains its original rostyle steel wheels with matching Range Rover center caps, with Michelin rubber in good shape at all four corners. The full size spare is in the rear.

Interior. The tan fabric upholstery is original and intact. The truck conveys with its cargo area tray cover (not pictured). Seats are clean and untorn; the interior is spacious and comfortable. Lights, signals, and gauges all function properly. Vehicle has an aftermarket lock system installed. The plastic trim pieces throughout the interior are original and present, with some showing minor signs of wear after 25 years, but largely in excellent condition.

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