1993 Land Rover, Range Rover Classic

1993 Land Rover, Range Rover Classic


Status: Sold to Michael M. of Amherst, NH
Manufactured: Great Britain
Imported: Toledo, Spain
Engine: 200Tdi Turbo Diesel
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

“Excuse us. We’re fairly certain you stopped your truck so you could take our picture.”

It was an unexpected greeting amid acres of plants; one which was, fortunately, easily assuaged. The couple was on their morning walk, and man – what a walk. I was at the State Arboretum of Virginia; a 172-acre arborists paradise. Since 1930, the Arboretum, and the Blandy Experimental Farm, have become a quiet, impressive paradise in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The thousands of trees and shrubs at the Arboretum are a testament to almost 90 years of experimentation and perseverance as it pertains to challenging what will grow in Virginia, and how to encourage revitalization or commercial success of various cultivars. For you and me, it also has a very important feature: It’s stunning and makes Land Rovers look great.

This 1993 Range Rover Classic came to us from a friend in Toledo, Spain. It’s a factory 200Tdi turbo diesel truck, mated to a five-speed manual. The Ardennes green shines nicely along the groves of Chestnuts, Oaks, Cedars of Lebanon, and the myriad other varieties on the farm. The drive out to the Arboretum twists, climbs, and falls, passing through Ashby’s Gap and over the Shenandoah River. The diesel pulls strong while the gearbox makes easy work of the undulating terrain. Most of my 200Tdi experience has been in a Defender; the Range Rover is perkier, weighing in about 1,000lbs less than its boxier sibling.

This would be the perfect Range Rover for my garage. The European-spec interior just feels right: Fabric seats and no wood inlays. Rostyle wheels and simple, spartan bumpers. All of this in a diesel-powered package, giving it the quiet strength one might expect from a Land Rover. Top all that off with a high/low transfer case and you’ve got a classic Range Rover, capable of doing highway speeds, carrying the kids and dog, and getting you just about anywhere. And all of that in style, baby. Yeah.

Driveline. 200Tdi four-cylinder turbo diesel mated to a five-speed transmission with high/low transfer case. Truck shows 270,344 kilometers, or 167,977 miles, working out to less than 7,000 miles a year on the long-lived diesel. The Range Rover starts easily and pulls strong without smoke throughout the rev range. Transmission shifts smoothly and the truck makes full power. High / low transfer case engages and functions properly. The vehicle’s drivetrain is original and unmodified.

Exterior. The truck is clad in Ardennes Green which presents as a very nice driver quality truck. Exterior trim is all present, and the chrome door handles are reminiscent of the County trim models offered in the U.S. The truck is devoid of rust; frame, panels, rockers, floors, are all straight and clean. Vehicle sports Rostyle wheels with Michelin rubber in good shape at all four corners. The full size spare is in the rear. Lights and signals all work.

Interior. The tan fabric upholstery is original and intact. The truck conveys with its cargo area tray cover. Seats are clean and untorn; the interior is spacious and comfortable. Lights, signals, and gauges all function properly. Vehicle has power windows, all which function. Aftermarket radio is functional. The plastic trim pieces throughout the interior are original and present, with some showing minor signs of wear after 25 years, but largely in excellent condition. Cargo divider behind the rear seats keeps dogs and gear in the rear where they belong.

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