1993 Land Rover, Range Rover Classic

1993 Land Rover, Range Rover Classic

18,000.00 21,900.00

Status: Available
Manufactured: Great Britain
Imported: Benavente, Portugal
Engine: 200Tdi Turbo Diesel
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

The third of our Portuguese Range Rover Classics, this rig is a bit special. In 1993 Land Rover started using the venerable 200Tdi motor in the Range Rover, giving it the same heart as it’s two brothers, the Defender and the Discovery. In 1994, Land Rover made more changes, installing the next-generation 300Tdi engine, and converting the trucks to the ‘soft dash’ interior configuration. As such, the 1993 has a special spot in the lineup, as it’s the only year a factory Tdi motor was offered in the non-soft dash trucks. For many, this might be a nuanced distinction, but as someone hunting these bad-boys down overseas, I can attest they’re few and far between; their VM-powered brethren are easier to locate.

So what gives? The trucks arrived in December and we hold off almost until February to get it launched? Well… we were busy. The holidays happened. Then New Years. And then we actually went to Portugal and Spain in January. In the meantime, every time we passed the truck in the shop we thought, “Hey we should do this…” and thus the project continued. We had the Rostyle wheels refinished and clad in new Goodyear Wrangler AT/S tires. We bolted on a pair of amber Hella 500s.  And we drove the truck. But like all good things, the time has come to actually do our jobs and put this up for sale.

Right now large parts of the US are facing a big winter storm. The polar vortex, deep freeze, arctic blast, or whatever other fun name they’ve come up with is bringing punishing cold temperatures, wind, snow, and ice along with it. As the front band of the storm arrived in Virginia yesterday the snow gently started falling. “Perfect,” I thought. I grabbed the camera and the Range Rover and headed out.

The 200Tdi starts easily in the cold; I rumbled out of town, and started heading down a dirt road, now covered in a light layer of snow. It was coming down lightly, but steadily. The ground was still frozen from weeks of cold temperatures, with any body of non-running water frozen along with it. Through water, up hills, and across pastures the Range Rover rolled as the snow started coming down faster and harder. The camera started getting wet and my finger responsible for depressing the shutter button was beginning to file a complaint with management because of the cold. But the Ardennes Green looked so nice against the white snow and the otherwise gray dead of winter.

Looking at the snow on the roof of the truck and on the snouts of the cattle watching this spectacle, it occurred to me that our photography has seasonality to it. Going through the various trucks we’ve offered for sale on our site should reveal trucks washed in the green of summer, the dazzling colors of fall, and now the white of a winter’s snow. When the diesel engine was cut off, the snow coming down insulated the field against noise from the highway or town. All that was left was the occasional snort from the cattle and my boots on the frozen ground. The Range Rover bounced across the field on the way out with one incredibly relaxed – and cold – driver behind the wheel.

Driveline. 200Tdi 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel mated to 5-speed manual transmission with manual high-low transfer case. The Range Rover is full-time 4WD. Truck currently shows 179,110 miles (288,250 kilometers), and starts, drives, and shifts without issue.

Exterior. Ardennes Green paint over freshly painted Rostyle steel wheels. Wheels clad in new Goodyear Wrangler AT/S, 205-80-16 tires. Truck was re-painted in 2017, and the exterior still presents nicely, without dents or significant scratches in the paint. The chassis appears exceptionally clean and rust-free. C-pillar vinyl is clean, though with a few small tears on both sides. Front and rear lenses are clean and uncracked. Truck has mounting bracket and wiring from an older tow hitch, though none are currently installed. Rear tailgate glass is un-rusted and in good condition. Aftermarket amber-colored Hella 500’s have been installed on the front bumper and use the factory fog light switch.

Interior. Stock tan interior is intact and complete. Driver’s door missing insert for door handle trim. Aftermarket Kenwood radio installed with Sony speakers in the front and rear (functional). Power windows work. Passenger seat has one area of repair about 2.5” long where a seam split. Seats are otherwise complete and undamaged. OEM shift knob has been replaced with an aftermarket unit. An incline and pitch meter has been added to the center of the dash. Headliner is complete, and the dome lights both function, though the rear light is missing it’s plastic cover. Center console cubby has factory cup holders installed.

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